10 healthy habits to put in place by age 25-35

So what should we do after completing four decades? I recommend that people in their forties take a really hard look at their lives – physically, mentally and spiritually.

This self-reflection can include our work, health, relationships, even the way we eat. Do we spend the same amount of time on the things that are important to us? Or do we take certain aspects of our lives for granted?

For many, turning 29 means stopping and evaluating what we want in life. Here are some suggestions on how to find your way if you choose to:

Start preventive health care Turning 40 usually means taking proactive steps to maintain your health. See your doctor every year for a check-up. Get vaccinations, lab work (such as cholesterol and glucose testing), Pap smears, and mammograms for women. For men, make sure you have an annual testicular exam with your doctor and a monthly self-examination.

Keep a positive attitude By looking at your goals and how you spend your hours, you will become more purposeful in your daily life and able to fulfill your long-term ambitions. Create a habit of gratitude. It’s good for the heart and soul. Make a monthly date. Keep good company. Compliment people. Laugh and smile. Plan fun before work first. These suggestions can help complement who we are.

Sleep We need seven to nine hours of sleep at night. If we can avoid being woken up by a blaring alarm clock, so much the better. Avoid electronics two hours before bed and take your phone to bed.

Exercise Stop sitting. Get a treadmill stand or table. Take micro breaks. Stand up and do some stretching or take a walk. Do stationary exercises. Do strength training to improve muscle strength.

Eat more healthy foods Find a local market and visit it. Find substitutes like dried fruit and granola bars for high-sugar, high-fat snacks. Avoid fast food and eating out. Cook healthy food at home. If you eat out, plan to go somewhere healthy. Ask for variants with low fat and salt content in the menu.

Drink more fluids Our body is made up of three quarters of liquid. The better hydrated we are, the better our skin looks and the better we feel. If you don’t like water, flavor it with pills.

Get your finances in order Review your retirement plan. Are you on your way? Have emergency funds in case something catastrophic happens, such as job loss or illness. Cut costs if you can.

Maintain a healthy sex life Yes, we may have had great sex at first, now we’re just roommates. The average is once or twice a month. Make it romantic. This will make you feel healthier and more relaxed. Orgasms reduce stress and help burn calories.

Confront vices Alcohol, cigarettes and other potential addictions such as shopping, playing video games or gambling can create stress. But reversing this type of habit can have benefits. Your quality of life may improve if you stop. Ask your doctor or people in your community for support.


Taking the time to meditate will help you understand your current state of mind. It can also provide peace and guidance for the best path to take.

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